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Magician Surprises Pizza Delivery Drivers by Turning Their $5 Tip Into $100

Magician Stuart Edge took it upon himself to surprise a few friendly pizza delivery drivers by magically turning their $5 tip into $100. While Stuart was performing the trick, he had a camera filming their reactions. Previously, we wrote about when Andrew Hales and Stuart amazed waiters and waitresses with a $200 tip.

October is National Pizza Month, so what better way to celebrate than eating a lot of pizza and helping someone at the same time.

music by Scott & Brendo – “Somewhere

WTF-ing, Guy Approaches Strangers in Amsterdam & Randomly Starts Slapping His Stomach

Andrew Hales of the comedy prankster group Losing All Hope Was Freedom (LAHWF) has released a new social experiment, “WTF-ing,” where he approaches strangers in Amsterdam and randomly starts slapping his stomach (aka “the tummy slap”). Previously, we wrote about Andrew and his ongoing series of social tests.

video via LAHWF

music by Kevin MacLeod – “Easy Lemon

Guy Bluntly Offers Strangers Drugs in Downtown Salt Lake City, Utah

Andrew Hales of the comedic prankster group Losing All Hope Was Freedom (LAHWF) has released a new social experiment where he walks up to strangers in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah and ‘bluntly’ offers them random drugs. Previously we wrote about Andrew and his great collection of social tests with random strangers.

Here is some extra and behind the scenes footage from Andrew’s experiment: