Santa the Hutt, An Obese Santa Claus Sculpture Made in the Likeness of Jabba the Hutt From ‘Star Wars’

Santa the Hutt

The fashion company Betabrand has created “Santa the Hutt,” an extremely obese sculpture of Santa Claus made in the likeness of Jabba the Hutt from Star Wars. This massive sculpture, designed by artist Cianna Valley, is currently sitting in Betabrand’s San Francisco-based retail store posing for holiday photos with customers.

In the end, not even Santa Claus could resist the orgy of holiday excess! For centuries the paragon of virtue, Kris Kringle has now transmogrified into a vile Yuletide leviathan known as Santa The Hutt.

After gorging himself on fruitcake and fortified wine, this slovenly mass of groaning, velvet-ensconsed blubber has relocated to the floor of the Betabrand company store in San Francisco.

Santa the Hutt

Santa the Hutt

images via Beta Betabrand

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips

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