Bridal Party Being Chased Through the Streets by Angry Mob of AT-AT Walkers

Bridal Party Being Chased Through the Streets by AT-AT Walkers


Toronto, Ontario-based Little Blue Lemon Photography recently created a geektastic wedding photo showing a terrified bridal party being chased through the streets by an angry mob of AT-AT Walkers (Star Wars). They used photos taken of a toy AT-AT Walker and their impressive Photoshop skills to end up with this final result.

There was a shot floating around the internet last week of a bridal party being chased by a dinosaur. It’s funny, admittedly. So here’ s our take on the idea…mostly because Leslie (and us) are huge Star Wars nerds! We couldn’t resist their bridal party getting chased by a squad of Imperial AT-AT Walkers! lol. So for all you Star Wars fans, this ones for you.

image via Little Blue Lemon

via Nug Nahrgang, io9

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