Baseball Card Vandals, Worthless Old Baseball Cards Defaced With Funny Illustrations

Baseball Card Vandals

Dress for success.

Brothers Beau and Bryan Abbott have created Baseball Card Vandals, a Tumblr blog featuring “worthless baseball cards” that have been defaced with a wide range of funny illustrations. Beau and Bryan use their clever minds and a simple Sharpie marker to breath life back into baseball cards on a daily basis. You can view more cards online.

Here is an infomercial for Baseball Card Vandals directed and produced by John Cropper:

Baseball Card Vandals

Put your thing down flip it and reverse it.

Baseball Card Vandals

May the schwartzstop be with you.

Baseball Card Vandals

I don’t always get thirsty, but when i do i only drink scary Monsters and nice Sprites.

images and video via Baseball Card Vandals

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips

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