Will Mario, Link, and Sonic Last Forever? by PBS Game/Show

PBS Game/Show is a new webseries from PBS Digital Studios written and hosted by Jamin Warren of Kill Screen that focuses on video games and modern culture. The first episode examines the question “Will Mario, Link, and Sonic Last Forever?

Mario, Link, and Sonic have been popular forever. Why do they have such staying power, when modern game characters rarely last longer then two or three titles? Are they just that captivating, or are there other factors in play? Some say that they endure because they were there at the beginning, and have etched themselves onto our hearts and minds. Others think it has something to do with their in-game stories and character development. Either way, it seems that classic characters are more powerful than modern characters. Will Master Chief and Commander Shepard always live in the shadow of Mario, Link, and Sonic?

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips