Who’s Your Favourite?, Adorable Baby Humorously Grilled by Her Dad

Adorable baby Maddie gets lovingly grilled in Who’s Your Favourite?, a humorous video interview conducted by her father, Australia-based Mick Tippett of POW! Sound, who just wants to be known as Maddie’s favorite parent.

There have been a lot of questions about how this video came to be, so for those of you interested, here’s the brief. I shot this on the eve of my daughter Maddie’s first birthday. My wife had originally asked me to put together a photo montage of baby’s first year (yes, I’m ‘that guy’ in our family) but I settled on doing an interview instead. The original idea was to conduct one every birthday as a sort of year in review to have as a digital keepsake. I just hope she gets better at taking direction when she’s older…

via Miss Cellania