Welcome Justin Page, New Contributing Writer at Laughing Squid

Please give a big ten tentacle welcome to Justin Page, our new Contributing Writer here on the Laughing Squid blog.

I first met Justin on Tumblr, where he runs the awesome blog Rampaged Reality. I would often reblog his posts or even source them for our main blog. Justin was originally one of our guest bloggers at the end of 2010 and then he worked as a part-time blogger for us in early 2011. We are excited to have him back now as a full-time Laughing Squid blogger.

And now, I turn you over to Justin…

— Scott Beale

Mary and Justin

Hello people of Earth!

My name is Justin Page and I’m a geek, goofball, a husband to a gorgeous wife Mary and a Father of two beautiful little twin girls Ramona and Heidi. My online journey started on a dark and stormy night in July of 2009. There I was, looking for something to get into, when I stumbled upon my future addiction known as Tumblr. My blog, Rampaged Reality, started off as a place to throw up posts as a way to bookmark cool stuff for myself, but quickly grew into a passion to write and promote. I found out that I truly enjoyed promoting creative designs and artwork by others and, after a few years of building an amazing audience, I could do just that.

Updated Rampaged Reality wallpaper – logo update by Sam Spratt / background by Mike Mitchell

I made a lot of really cool friends along my online journey that have helped me build up and mold my writing format while also making sure that I properly credit artists, photographers, etc (It is very important). I also used my degree in graphic design to create a few fun illustrations and Photoshops along the way.

Geek Walls by Justin Page

Geek Walls 1 / Geek Walls 2

Fark Shark by Justin Page

Fark Shark

After years of blogging and checking in on one of my favorite blogs, Laughing Squid, I was contacted by Scott Beale. It turns out that he grew up in Dayton, Ohio. So we decided to meet up at a local coffee shop and chat, while he was in the area. I was lucky enough to be accepted into the group of fine bloggers here at Laughing Squid and started off as a guest blogger in late 2010 and then into a part-time position in early 2011. I had to take a leave of absence due to family matters and now I’m back in action and two family members stronger! My wife Mary Page and I now have two beautiful twin girls Ramona and Heidi, who are both a load of fun.

Ramona and Heidi photo by Mary Page

Swimsuit Twins – Ramona and Heidi photo by Mary Page

I found my way back to Laughing Squid, once I got into the swing of things at home, thanks once again to Scott and I’m loving the new full-time position here. I hope you all enjoy what I have to write about and I look forward to being one of the many tentacles that bring you all fun, strange and exciting news. Thanks!


Justin Page
Justin Page

I'm a geeky artist/blogger who loves his life, wife, two identical twin girls, family, friends, and job.