We Are The Strange

We Are The Strange is a unique feature length animated film that mixes 8 bit video game culture and Anime. It was created by M dot Strange in his basement over a 3 year period, using personal computers, Cinema 4d, After Effects, Final Cut Pro 5, a green screen, and a Canon 300D for the stop motion animation. The super talented artist David Choe created some art for the film and is the voice of “Rain”.

We are the Strange is an animated feature film in which two diametrically opposed outcasts fight for survival in a sinister fantasy world. After meeting in the somber Forest of Still Life, an abused young woman (Blue) reluctantly follows a care free dollboy (Emmm) to Stopmo City on his unreasonable quest for ice cream. They’re lives are constantly in jeopardy after they’re caught in the middle of a deadly battle between bizarre monsters on their way to the ice cream shop. A flamboyant ultraviolent hero(Rain) appears and effortlessly dispatches all the horrible monsters in his path. Blue meets Rain before he partakes in an impossible battle against the source of all that is evil in Stopmo City. When it seems as if darkness will have the last laugh a gleaming fist made of aluminum foil bursts through the ground thus starting the final showdown between mega_good and hyper_evil.