Vintage Gambling Machines at SFO, Terminal 3


If you’ve lost your shirt to TSA and are betting it all on a last-minute standby, why not wander over to Terminal 3 for some true gambling history. San Francisco International Airport is currently hosting, “For Amusement Only: Slot Machines and Other Gambling Devices of the Mechanical Age”. Vintage gambling devices of all make and marvel are on display through May 2010. The machines are behind glass so hold on to your buffalo nickels.

While killing time before an early morning flight, I snapped a few photos of show. The exhibit space stretches along a corridor with a moving walkway. It’s mesmerizing to stare at these things while people seem to float by in the background.




There are more photos in my Flickr set.

The objects are on loan from Joe Welch’s San Bruno American Antique Museum.

Here is the orginal press release.

photos by Josh Ellingson