UnderCover Presents Concert and Album Covering The Pixies’ “Doolittle”

Last year San Francisco’s UnderCover Presents produced a concert where local Bay Area musicians covered the classic album The Velvet Underground and Nico, aka “the banana album“. This year they are giving the full tribute treatment to the Pixies’ album Doolittle from 1989. Liz Phair and Stephen Jenkins showed up at last year’s VU tribute, so who knows who could show up this time.

The full Doolittle album will be performed live on Tuesday, February 22nd at Public Gallery in San Francisco. Tickets are on sale now and it is expected to sell out. You can also buy the tribute album at a special price along with tickets to the show.

More than 100 musicians are involved in recreating the 15 songs on the album. Below are details on who covers what.


TAME:: Seth Augustus w/ Patrick Cress & Eric Garland

WAVE OF MUTILATION:: Classical Revolution / Unwoman

I BLEED:: Doctor Edmund Welles and the Axe Wielders of Chaos

HERE COMES YOUR MAN:: Joe Bagale (featuring members of Jazz Mafia)

DEAD:: Beep!

MONKEY GONE TO HEAVEN:: Conspiracy of Venus


CRACKITY JONES:: The Japonize Elephants

LA LA LOVE YOU:: Dina Maccabee

NO. 13 BABY:: Aaron Novik

THERE GOES MY GUN:: Rob Reich Trio Featuring Ralph Carney

HEY:: Blue Rabbit

SILVER:: Karina Denike with Lily Taylor

GOUGE AWAY:: Sarah Palmer and Wiener Kids

The Pixies got together in 1986 in Boston, broke up in 1993, and reformed in 2004 for the purposes of touring and playing music from their 5 albums to crowds generally much bigger than ever saw them in their first incarnation. They are touring now and you can see them live or buy the massive Minotaur box set of all their music and lots of extra stuff.