Type-O-Matic, Snail Mail Created From Email on Vintage Typewriters

Type-O-Matic is a confidential snail mail service that creates and delivers real hand-typed letters from vintage typewriters out of user-submitted email. No copies of the letters are ever made and they can also be sent anonymously. For a small fee, each letter is hand-typed on one of the vintage mechanical typewriters from the amazing collection at Typewriter Heaven using “white watermarked Three Candlesticks or Basildon Bond heavyweight writing paper” and sent to the recipient from the United Kingdom.

Your letter could be about anything. Write to a prospective employer – you’ll get their attention! Express you sympathy or condolences with sincerity. Write a poem. Share a recipe. Send a Valentine’s Day note. Surprise a long forgotten friend. Voice a protest. Say thank you for a gift or congratulations for a job well done. Or simply reply to a letter you received.

via Coudal Partners

photo by Rob Bowker