The Takedown T-Shirt, A Shirt by Techdirt That Pokes Fun at YouTube’s Content ID System

Content Takedown Tshirt

Techdirt has created the Takedown T-shirt, a shirt that pokes fun at YouTube’s Content ID takedown system by displaying an image that says the shirt’s content is no longer available due to a copyright claim. The shirt is available for a limited time through Teespring. The shirt is also available as a hoodie and a women’s fitted design.

YouTube’s ContentID system has left many creators in a tough spot, with their videos whisked away by the questionable copyright claims of big media companies — and many a would-be viewer has been met with a disappointing takedown message instead of the content they hoped to enjoy. Now you can remind everyone of the problems with this arrangement with this update of our classic DMCA tee: the Takedown T-Shirt

Content Takedown Hoodie

Content Takedown Fitted Shirt