The Garage Sale Documentary, A Quirky Film About Garage Sales

Filmmaker, multimedia artist and self-described ‘extreme hobbyist’, Jared Whitham, has spent ten years filming The Garage Sale Documentary, a quirky documentary about the ‘last free American market place”, and has over 200 hours of footage to show for it. He recently launched a fundraising campaign to gather money to pay for all kinds of equipment, the acting skills of garage sale guru and actress Phyllis Diller, guest speaker quantum physicist Fred Alan Wolf, Japanese language translation services, and of course, Whitham’s personal costs to finish the film.

The first important social exploration of the American Garage Sale. In times of financial crisis, increasing numbers of people gather supporting each other at this great American pastime. Money stays in town. Dreams are made, bills are paid and treasures are found. Cultural boundaries are broken, supernatural events take place and you finally meet your neighbor.

A place were anything can be discovered. Stories are shared and humanity shines. Where great wealth and prosperity is uncovered through friendship, exchange, and community action. Practicing the true American concept of “No Taxation with out representation”. A non-corporate grass roots activity of eccentric renewal. Citizens create a sustaining root system for communities across America.

Whitham also runs the online Garage Sale Channel and his own eccentric show, the Jared Whitham Show.

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff