Tetris Themed Heat Changing Coffee Mug Features Falling Blocks

Tetris Heat Changing Mug

ThinkGeek has released a Tetris Heat Changing Mug that will allow you to fill this coffee cup with a hot drink of choice and watch as the heat activated blocks fall, just like in the classic video game. It is available to purchase online.

If you’re like us, most mornings you wake up with the Tetris theme song burned into your subconscious. As you slowly wake up, it’s like somebody is turning the knob on the volume. It slowly gets louder and louder until it bursts out of your mouth in a beautiful, groggy melody. But, when you need just a little bit more Tetris in your mornings, the Tetris Heat Changing Mug will do the trick. Caffeinate your body while you soothe your soul with an energizing, uplifting 8-bit tune.

Here is a great video from Protoman Gaming showing the Tetris Heat Changing Mug in action:

image via ThinkGeek