Talent Freaks, A Web Series Exploring the Creative Processes of Five Charleston, South Carolina Artists

Talent Freaks the series Teaser

Talent Freaks is a new web series by All Aces Media and director Andy Coon that explores the creative processes of five unique artists from Charleston, South Carolina. You can view more episodes and work by the featured artists online from the Talent Freaks website and Facebook page.

Talent Freaks illustrates the inward significance of art through the eyes of five lowcountry artists and the unique brilliance behind the work of Douglas Panzone, Sarah M. Haynes, Mark Guilloud, Jordan Beiter, and Reynier Llanes Marquez. Layer upon layer these artists unequivocally reveal their personalities and the emotion behind their work.

Each segment reinforces the last and each artist is captivating in his or her own fashion. From pen & ink and oils, to coffee, driftwood and spray paint, these individuals don’t confine themselves to just one idea or medium. They embrace mistakes and accept flaws, working through the entire process and moving out of their comfort zone to create something truly remarkable.

Talent Freaks: Episode 1- Douglas Panzone


Graffiti by Douglas Panzone

Talent Freaks: Episode 2 – Sarah M. Haynes

The Calf Died Quick

The Calf Died Quick” by Sarah M. Haynes

videos and images via Talent Freaks

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