Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

Power Tool Drag Races

That’s right, the Power Tool Drag Races takes place this Sunday, May 7th starting at noon at The Ace International Speedway.

Here’s an update from Simone:

You may have had doubt in your hearts.

You may have written us off as just another crackpot scheme, a set of lies sent by Damnation to tempt you into a false sense of security, only to rip the joyfull blessing of The Power Tool Drag Races from your very bosom.

You may have caved to our previous reputation as inconsistent administrators and evil-inspired devil-music-worshiping ne’er do wells, but children, I am HERE to Tell YOU that we here at the Power Tool Bunker are a CHANGED event (hallelujah)!!!

NO MORE! Shall you see the effects of Demon Weed and Soulless alcohol so clearly though our inability to get the track up on time!*

NO MORE! Shall you see the wretched scrambling denizens of The Pit struggle as they scurry for more Power Tool Drag Racers to line up at the Starting Line on time for once.

NO MORE! Shall you shake your head in wonder as the date for the Power Tool Drag Races is postponed Yet Again due to the forces of entropy!

Yes my friends we here at The Power Tool Drag Races have SEEN the LIGHT (canIgettaAmen!)

Brothers and Sisters Of Our Church Of The Post-Power Tool Apocalypse:


Know thee in thy heart that The Power Tool Drag Races will COMMENCE and BE

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!
May 7th (say it with me children!)
MAY 7th!!!
High Noon until Sunset!
Ace International Speedway
2255 McKinnon Avenue
San Francisco!!
$15-$20 Sliding Scale, Children Under 6 have to do a silly dance
($5 off admission if you bring your bandanna from The Running Of The Bullshitters!!)

UPDATE: Here are my photos from the 2006 Power Tool Drag Races.