Sony Covers Downtown Miami in Foam for Latest Commercial

Sony covers downtown Miami in foam for their latest ad “Foam City”.

– There are 200 Miami inhabitants all recording their ‘Foam City’ experiences

– The ad uses the world’s biggest foam machine – 2.8m in diameter

– 1,000 litres of water are being used to create 2,000,000 litres of foam per minute

– The rate at which the foam is produced would fill an Olympic swimming pool in 24 seconds

– By the end of the shoot it is estimated 460 million litres of foam will have been produced

– To create the perfect bubbles, Allan the Bubble Professor was hired – with over 15 years experience in the bubble business

– The ad uses custom built bubble machines – made to produce odd shaped bubbles

– 18 people are tasked with creating the foam out of a crew of 150

– The advert uses 3 cameras running 80,000 feet of film. This means 16 hours of running time to produce the 90 second commercial

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Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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