Sony Bravia Play-Doh Bunnies Commercial

“Play-Doh” is the latest color-themed commercial for the Sony Bravia line of televisions. Produced by Fallon and Passion Pictures, it features amazing stop-motion animation of 200 colorful, mutating plasticine bunnies that ultimately form one giant 30′ bunny in Thomas Paine Park in Manhattan.

Here’s more coverage of the ad from Guardian Unlimited and Gothamist. The ad features the song “She’s A Rainbow” by The Rolling Stones.

Some of you may remember when 250,000 superballs were unleashed on San Francisco back in 2005 for a Sony Bravia “Balls” commercial that was filmed here.

Last year the amazing Sony Bravia “Paint” ad was filmed in Glasgow featuring brightly colored paint exploding from an abandoned building complex.

UPDATE 1: It appears that the “Play-Doh” ad may have been based on a panoramic illustration by kozyndan. That wouldn’t surprise me at all considering what happened with Bacardi and the Cacophony Salmon or Absolute Vodka and the Pillow Fight.

UPDATE 2: Here’s a video showing the making of the “Play-Doh” commercial.

Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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