‘Smite and Ignite’, A Metal Album by Fictional Band Pentakill From the Video Game Developer of ‘League of Legends’

Smite and Ignite by Pentakill

Smite and Ignite is a metal album by the fictional band Pentakill from Riot Games, the developer of the video game League of Legends. The band features a series of characters from the video game, and the album features songs based and named on items from it as well.

Smite and Ignite is currently available to download for free from the band’s website.

You have seen the true voice of metal fall quiet, surrounded by the massed harmonies of your weak whispers. But listen closely to those whispers, and you shall find the seed of truth. Five Four voices. Five harbingers of destruction, waiting patiently for their time to rise. And on that chosen day, these five shall change your world forever. Sonic brutality has never ascended such heights before. These voices have already slain the dragon and butchered the baron. They have ravaged the fields of justice, burned Runeterra to the ground, and slaughtered millions of Teemos. When they come, their breed of metal shall smite your plebeian souls and punish your frail bodies. You will cower at their visage and tremble at the name… Pentakill.

Smite and Ignite by Pentakill

Pentakill – Lightbringer

Pentakill – Deathfire Grasp

Pentakill – Thornmail

images via Pentakill