Robodock 2007, An Art & Technology Festival in Amsterdam

Robodock 2004

The 10th annual international art and technology festival Robodock takes place at the NDSM dock in Amsterdam next week from September 19th through 22nd.

Robodock is a unique international festival with technology, art, spectacle theatre, multimedia and industrial installations at its core. In co-operation with artists, technology students, architects, designers and theatre makers the festival is spectacularly designed by recycling scrap metal and other industrial waste products. This is an important part of the Robodock way of working and creating.

The festival’s pulse is an unpredictable combination of disciplines and bizarre theatrical applications in which fire, steel and this years theme Rhythm and Time / Ten Years Transformation are important elements. None of the arts is excluded: theatre, music, dance, film, multimedia, visual arts, acrobatics, technical experiments and deejays.

Site crew meeting

Our friends at Survival Research Labs will doing a show at Robodock for the first time. “A Complete Mastery of Sinister Forces” is scheduled for September 22nd at 23:30. 1992 was the last time they were in Europe when they did a show in Austria.

Cyclecide Bike Rodeo

Other friends of ours at Robodock 2007 include Flaming Lotus Girls, Cyclecide and Christian Ristow (Robochrist Industries).