RedRover Helps Parents Find Awesome Things to do With Their Kids

RedRover is a location-based service founded by Kathryn Tucker to help parents find awesome things in their area to do with their kids. Parents can scroll through a list of curated events and happenings directly from their desktop or through its mobile app. While currently only available in the New York City area, plans are in the works to expand it to other cities. Tucker, a single mother, talks about how her journey to develop this service and how her own children inspired her in an article on Huffington Post, stating, “My digital life should improve my real life with real friends, I thought. — It should be an authentic reflection of who I am, and what my life in the real world is really like.”

RedRover is a fast and fun way to search through all of the top-notch activities in your town.

Find kid-friendly event listings tailored just for you and your family. Choose an even for more information, purchase tickets and to find excellent suggestions for where to go before or after, whether you want to eat, shop or play.

The result is pure delight: a real help to parents who wants to give their kids the best day ever.


Red Rover

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff