Raygun52, Design Project Featuring 52 Rayguns In 52 Weeks

Type 40 Sonic Blaster

Raygun52 Project - "El Rayo" Solar Gamma Ray Convector Weapon

EA Mark27 "The Percolator"

Google designer Alex Griendling created the project Raygun52, a curated virtual museum of imaginary weaponry, to collect sci-fi raygun conceptual designs. According to the site, Raygun52 is collecting these designs for the imaginary entity, ‘The Company’, in the year 2258. 52 rayguns will be featured in 52 weeks on the site with the tagline: “Embrace the future. Disintegrate the past.

Stay on top of the latest raygun entries with Griendling’s Twitter feed. Submissions to the site are no longer being accepted at this time.

images via Trevor Basset, Juan Molinet & Emory Allen

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff