Pet Intervention, A Comedic Series Where Dogs Courageously Confront Their Out-Of-Control Addictions

Rusty, The Booze Hound

Watch Rusty, a German Shepherd, fight his demons with the help of his fellow policemen. With their support, can Rusty learn to keep his muzzle out of the vodka bowl?

Pet Intervention” is a 3 part comedic series by Conan starring Jim Rash of Community where “dogs courageously confront their out-of-control addictions with the help of human friends and a trained mental health professional.”

Licorice, The “Meth Lab”

Gabby The Paint-Huffing Princess

Gabby, a pampered pup, turned to drugs after a traumatic incident. Thankfully, her human parents are committed to getting her back on her four feet.

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