PBS Arts: Off Book | The Culture Of Reddit

PBS Arts: Off Book | The Culture Of Reddit is the newest documentary short from the PBS Arts web series. This episode of Off Book delves into the community at the popular website, reddit. The short features reddit’s co-founder Alexis Ohanian, The Redditor’s Blair Drager, Daily Dot blogger Kevin Morris, MemeFactory researcher Stephen Bruckert, and Shit Reddit Says Moderators Dworkin & The other mod (appearing anonymously).

Since its creation in 2005, Reddit has grown into one of the most influential communities on the internet. More than just a content aggregator, it generates information and new content, and has given birth to intriguing collaborative projects that reflect a particular group character and value system. The Reddit community has become so active that it has had an impact on recent political events like SOPA/CISPA. And like any real-world community, it also has its share of internal social issues, forcing it to grapple with its commitment to free speech and the lawlessness of the internet.