Oogi, A Flexible Rubber Toy With a Suction Cup Head, Hands, and Feet


Swiss toy company MOLUK has created a stretchy and flexible silicone toy with a suction cup head, hands, and feet called Oogi. It’s recommended for children ages three and over, and uses its suction cups to stick to smooth surfaces.

Oogi is an irresistibly tactile and wonderfully expressive new figure toy. With suction cup head, hands and feet, and long stretchy arms, it connects to any smooth surface.

Oogis happily live on a Bilibo but they have also been spotted playing in the bathtub, on fridges or mirrors. Oogis are very social beings: They love to touch, embrace, form chains and do crazy acrobatic tricks. Their favorite hobbies are Oogi Yoga, extreme climbing or darting onto windows and other targets. Oogis are at home in any genre from cliffhanger to slapstick comedy and suitable for all ages.


images via MOLUK

via Swiss Miss

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