New York Year, Time-Lapse Film Featuring a Year in New York City

“New York Year” is an upcoming short film that will show a year of seasons and cycles in New York City through time-lapse photography. Filmmaker Samuel Orr has been working on the project since 2011 and released a preview of his footage in the short, “New York Day.” He is raising funds on Kickstarter in order to finish the project.

New York City is a breathing, living place that is endlessly fascinating. Every turn on a street corner brings things into view that all too often have vanished from the rest of America. During the day people pulse through the streets, tunnels, buildings, and parks. At night, its vast expanse twinkles and shines like few other cities. This project means to capture this spectacle and to create (through time-lapse imagery and sounds) a film that is exhilarating (and just plain fun!) as it presents a year in the life of the greatest city on Earth.

via PetaPixel