New Touch Interface Uses Electricity to Simulate Textures & Sensations

E-Sense by Senseg

E-Sense by Finnish tech company Senseg is a new touch interface that simulates the sensation of textures and other touch feedback on virtually any surface. The core of the technology is the “tixel,” or tactile pixel, a special surface that emits a weak electrical field. When skin is exposed to the electrical field, all manner of textures and sensations can be simulated–sticky or smooth surfaces, even clicks or vibration.

With accuracy down to the level of individual tixels, the technology allows for exceptional control of the produced sensation. Tactile feedback can be localized to individual areas enabling multi-touch user experiences. Since it is easily scalable to small and large surfaces with ultra-thin implementation, Senseg E-Sense can be applied to virtually any surface including the device’s cover bringing a new dimension of user experience.

via The Next Web & Springwise

image via Senseg

E.D.W. Lynch
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