My Kid Can’t Eat This, A Collection of the Adorably Ridiculous Reasons Kids Won’t Eat Their Food

Chewed bagels
“The centers of the bagels are off limits. Only the outer edge is good. More bagel please.” – Stacey Maddox

My Kid Can’t Eat This is an ongoing collection of photos—available both on Instagram and on Facebook—of rejected food and the adorably ridiculous reasons kids refused it. Submissions can be made by tagging a photo with #mykidcanteatthis on Instagram.

Unacceptable cupcake
“#MyKidCantEatThis because he can only eat frosting.” – Vanessa Lopez

Bagel donut
“#mykidcanteatthis bagel, but add a few sprinkles and a doughnut appears! Magic.” – Ashley Marcy

Green beans and ketchup
“#mykidcanteatthis unless it’s covered in ketchup. Then magically green beans are his favorite.” – Amanda Doherty

Beans and sprinkles
“#MyKidCantEatThis without sprinkles.” (Beans bowl) – Melissa De Leon

photos via My Kid Can’t Eat This

via Huffington Post