Monochrom’s Taugshow #14: The Soviet Unterzoegersdorf Special

Taugshow #14, recorded at Metalab in Vienna back in September 2007, is the latest installment of anti-talkshow series produced by monochrom. This episode focuses on the obscure country of Soviet Unterzoegersdorf (see my previous post) and includes special guest Emmanuel Goldstein of 2600.

People of the world, you, who sit in your superficially secure third countries!
Soviet Unterzoegersdorf’s Armed Forces present their home country, the last existing appanage republic of the USSR. The enclave maintains no diplomatic relationship with the Republic of Austria – which surrounds it – or with the European Union.

Comrades Chrusov and Moloshnikov interview Emmanuel Goldstein (2600, NYC), Jason Brown (Machine Project, Los Angeles) and Evelyn Fuerlinger. They also present a strange electromagnetic table provided by C-Base in Berlin.