Marathon Runner Documents His Experiences Running a 135 Mile Ultramarathon in Brazil

Back in January Josh Spector ran the Brazil 135, a 135 mile ultramarathon that he documented with a GoPro head mount. The 41-year-old Los Angeles resident ran the race in 32 hours, 49 minutes and 20 seconds, roughly which were distilled into a four-and-a-half minute video by BuzzFeed that gives you some insight into the experience. Spector discusses the physical and emotion strain, health benefits and detriments and what keeps him running.

I find that these long races are, in general, much more challenging psychologically than physically. It’s very easy to stop running.

Squeamish viewers may want to duck out before the end of the video, which features a shot of Spector’s feet after the ultramarathon.


photo via Josh Spector

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips