Maker Faire 2007 Artists, Projects and Installations

I’ve been helping out with Maker Faire 2007, specifically recommending a few artists and projects for this year’s event. I’m really excited about two of my recommendations that have now been added to the line-up.

Last Mouse Trap at The Barn

First there is the wonderful Life Size Mouse Trap crated by Mark Perez and his crew. It is a full scale version of the famous Rube Goldberg inspired board game. Here’s my photos of the Life Size Mouse Trap at previous events. This is a truly amazing installation and is not to be missed.

Disgusting Spectacle

Another project that I suggested to Maker Faire was Tracy Feldstein and Don Bruce’s amusing kinetic sculpture “The Disgusting Spectacle”, a giant nose picking machine run by a human powered-hamster wheel. It’s based on an arcade machine by UK’s legendary artist/engineer Tim Hunkin, who will also be present at Maker Faire.

Some other great Maker Faire 2007 artists, projects and installations include Survival Research Labs (SRL), RoboGames, The Neverwas Haul, Cyclecide, The Crucible, Power Tool Drag Races, The Shipyard and Flaming Lotus Girls, just to name a few.

Phillip Torrone and Bre Pettis put together a great Maker Faire Video Preview.

photos by Scott Beale and Jeff Hirsch

Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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