Living Ink, An Algae-Based Ink That Slowly Changes Over Time to Reveal Unique Creations

Living Ink Owl on a Windowsill

Living Ink is a new algae-based ink that changes over time. Creators apply a layer of a “fast” ink, which goes on pink before fading. Then they apply the “slow” ink, which goes on blue. Once the drawing is placed into the special Living Ink greenhouse and put in the light, the algae in the ink begins to grow. The image drawn with the fast ink appears in about two days, with the slower ink taking about four days to appears.

The creators of Living Ink developed the ink in an attempt to make a more sustainable product, but discovered the creative possibilities somewhat by accident. They are now raising funds for Living Ink through a Kickstarter campaign and offering various packages containing the ink, pens, and greenhouses as rewards.

Living Ink Owl Always Love You

Living Ink Well Done Matt

images via Living Ink

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips

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