A Kinetic Audio Sculpture That Uses Speakers, Balls, Light, and Motors to Make Electronic Sounds

Moscow, Russia media artist Dmitry Morozov (a.k.a. “::vtol::“) has created the “Driver,” an amazing kinetic audio sculpture that uses speakers, copper balls, lights, and motors to generate obscure electronic sounds.

To all intents and purposes, the object represents a complicated feedback machine, where the feedback doesn’t have a direct impact on itself, but uses kinetic and mechanical elements -intermediaries. These intermediaries are nothing other than the generators of random numbers inside a complex and harmonious system. This results in a constant change in the sound and the spectator’s observation of the system’s attempts to retain balance and continue its work. To a certain extent, we may assert that the object is performing a routine ritual, infinitely repeating its actions in order to extend its life cycle. (read more)

via prosthetic knowledge

Justin Page
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