iPadNY, Eclectic Method & J-Live Remix New York Themed Films & Songs on an iPad

“iPadNY” is a music video by Eclectic Method that features classic New York themed films and music being “scratched, remixed and jammed” on an iPad by DJ J-Live from different New York locations. The “iPadNY” song is now available to download online from SoundCloud.

Oliver Stone’s panning Manhattan shots are scratched up around Manhattan, Scorsese’s classic Brooklyn shots scratched around Brooklyn and Woody Allen’s view of Manhattan from Queens gets jammed from a Queen’s rooftop. The remix about town, about a town. Eclectic Method (EM) also enlisted the help of New Yorker J-Live to scratch up classic NY centric music videos from the Beastie Boys, Jay Z and others. J-Live is a long term EM collaborator and also one of the few humans who can scratch and rhyme at the same time.



images and video via Eclectic Method

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips