‘I AM’, Artist Transforms Adolf Hitler’s Hateful ‘Mein Kampf’ Into a Positive Message With Found Poetry

Reclaiming Mein Kampf - I AM 1

Collage artist Tara Evans purchased a copy of Adolf Hitler‘s hate-filled manifesto Mein Kampf in 2005 in an effort to face the hateful text head-on. She chose to alter the book by painting over words on the pages, creating found poetry with a positive, loving message with the words that remained. Her completed project, titled I AM, was created for the Altered Book/Book Arts Exhibition, running April 18-May 23, 2015 at the Marin Museum of Contemporary Art in Novato, California.

Growing up, I knew this book was filled with hate but I had never read any of it. I decided to purchase it and read it so that I might face, head-on, the language that inspired hate.

One must never forget.

The beginning of the book was somewhat innocuous and spoke of community and a government for all with only pepperings of negative wording. The chapter that shifted the gears was ‘Nation and Race’.

I have used a found poetry technique to change the sentiment of this entire chapter- to turn his own words into something positive.

Reclaiming Mein Kampf - I AM 2

Reclaiming Mein Kampf - I AM 3

Reclaiming Mein Kampf - I AM 4

Reclaiming Mein Kampf - I AM 5

images via Velvet Otterhound

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