Ed, A Hyper-Realistic CGI Model of a Man

“Ed” is a hyper-realistic CGI model of a man created by artist Chris Jones that was built with Lightwave, Sculptris, and Krita software and composited with DaVinci Resolve Lite. Jones is keeping track of his progress and answering questions about the project on a NewTek forum, and has posted a few test videos showing his work so far including Ed’s eyeball, the area around Ed’s eyeball, and Ed’s face as a whole.

Here’s something I just whipped up over the past decade. Well, I started it about a decade ago, but have been giving it some more attention recently.

I intend to continue refining and perfecting it indefinitely, for use as the basis for whatever humanoid characters I may need in the future. In this instance I’ve given him an Anatomy Tools inspired makeover as a detail test for my newly revised 3D workflow. It’s a bit rough in places – that’s what tests are all about.


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