How to Melt Aluminum Soda Cans Into ‘Metal Muffins’ on the Cheap Using Household Items

Grant “The King of Random” Thompson (previously) has created a video demonstrating a way to create “metal muffins” on the cheap using aluminum cans and other household objects like charcoal briquettes and thrift store hair driers. The decidedly random project was born of Thompson’s fascination with melting metal.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been intrigued by the idea of melting metal and making things with it. The problem has always been that it was out of reach or required really expensive equipment. In this project I experimented with 10 different prototypes, to develop a reusable backyard foundry that melts aluminum soda cans easily and safely. I tested different refractory recipes, different containers, different setting for blowing air, and different types of makeshift crucibles.