Homemade Fire Breathing Piranha Plant From ‘Super Mario Bros.’

Hack a Day senior editor and manager Caleb Kraft has constructed his very own homemade fire breathing piranha plant, a villainous character from the Super Mario Bros. video games. You can read more at Hack a Day to learn how Caleb built this beautiful beast and the experimentation he went through to get the fire systems working correctly.

I always thought it would be cool to build a giant fire breathing piranha plant. I never really came up with an excuse to do it though. Eventually, I just decided I didn’t really need an excuse, and thus it was born.

The plant itself is pretty much just foam and cardboard. You can see the construction process in the video, it was really easy, but a little time consuming. I wanted to go with a bit of a crazy, hyper stylized look, so it is covered in veins and has these insane looking wrinkly lips. The plant itself would be a fun thing just to have around the house. Actually, I may turn it into a lamp.

via Hack a Day

Justin Page
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