His Name is Bruce Campbell

Though my beard obscures it, I have the weakest chin of anyone in my social circle. I often wonder how different my life would be if I had a different chin… a stronger chin… a chin like Bruce Campbell’s. With Bruce Campbell’s chin, perhaps I too could be a cult action star. In his newest film, “My Name Is Bruce”, Campbell plays a sleazy version of himself that gets kidnapped by a fan to save a small mining town from a vengeful monster. If chins could kill, then the star of the Evil Dead Trilogy and countless other b-movies should have no problem.

Fan’s of Bruce Campbell (and his chin) can attend a San Francisco showing of his newest film along with a special presentation by local celeb, Peaches Christ:

Hostess Peaches Christ is thrilled to announce that a great, big, b-movie dream of hers is about to come true! On Wednesday, December 17th, Peaches presents a Midnight Mass produced stage-show featuring cult film icon and genre superstar Bruce Cambell live and in-person. Peaches has been dying to honor Bruce Campbell forEVER and is putting together a San Franciscan evening of Idol Worship, one night only at Landmarks Bridge Theatre.

The same show happens twice!
Wednesday, December 17th
At 7pm & 9:40pm

Tickets to the show are available online here. Do the Bruce Campbell, ya’ll.