Garbage Pantz, Decorative Slip-On Trash Can Covers That Look Like Actual Pants

Blue Jeans Garbage Pantz

Blue Jeans Pantz

Garbage Pantz are a series of decorative, slip-on trash can covers that look like actual pants. You can let others know that you recycle with the Recycle Puppy Pantz, or sit your trash can by the road in style with a pair of Camo or Blue Jeans Pants. They are available to purchase online from the Garbage Pantz website and Amazon.

Garbage Pantz is an award winning, attractive expandable garbage can cover for your indoor and outdoor garbage cans that gives your cans an “instant makeover!” Garbage Pantz is made out of a stretchy durable all weather material. It also fits most size and shape cans. It is also easy to slip on and off (no tools needed).

Camo Garbage Pantz

Camo Pantz

Recycle Puppy Garbage Pantz

Recycle Puppy Pantz

Spooky Garbage Pantz

Spooky Pantz

Garbage Pantz

images via Garbage Pantz

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