Determined Man Successfully Installs a Functioning Headphone Jack In His iPhone 7

Former software engineer Scotty Allen of Strange Parts created a new video that follows him throughout Hong Kong, China as he gathers parts and figures out how to successfully install a functioning headphone jack inside of his iPhone 7. We previously wrote about Scotty when he built an iPhone 6s from scratch.

I went through a ton of iterations and debugging to get this to work. The hardest parts were the electrical design and getting everything to fit inside the phone. Specifically, because I was using the logic from an Apple headphone adapter and a headphone jack from an iPhone 5, I had to find space to put them without breaking anything else. I feel like I got extremely lucky about finding space inside the phone. There was inexplicably a lot of extra room in the lower left hand corner, right where I wanted to put the headphone jack. And because I was connecting the headphone adapter to the lightning jack, I needed to figure out how to make the lightning jack still work for things like charging and syncing to a computer. (read more)