Fred Armisen Tries Google Glass in Real Life After Parodying Them on ‘Saturday Night Live’

Fred Armisen
image via engadget

Uh, I think I’d shoplift it.

For a feature on engadget, actor and comedian Fred Armisen adjusted his thick-rimmed glasses to try on Google Glass for the first time in real life after recently parodying them on Saturday Night Live. In this video, engadget editor Tim Stevens walks him through the experience.

There’s a good chance that you, like us, enjoyed a certain Saturday Night Live sketch recently in which Weekend Update’s newly branded tech correspondant Randall Meeks gave his raw impressions of Google Glass — using a prop made of plastic and attached to a pair of sunglasses. There was a lot of shouting, twitching and, for us at least, laughing. Meeks is played by the incredibly talented Fred Armisen, also well-known for IFC’s surreally hilarious Portlandia. In reality, we learned, Armisen had never used Google Glass. That was a situation we were happy to fix.

Armisen on Saturday Night Live playing a tech expert named Randall Meeks who is testing out Glass.

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff