FoxType, An Online Tool That Rates the Politeness of Written Text and Recommends More Polite Options

FoxType I don't give a damn

FoxType is an online tool that rates the politeness of written text and recommends more polite options when necessary. The tool rates the politeness of the text on a 0 to 100 scale as well as indicating whether it is “Impolite,” “Neutral,” or “Polite.”

There is also a Gmail plugin version of the tool that users can request via email through the FoxType site.

To demonstrate the tool, we have tested a number of famous movie quotes to see how they rate on the FoxType politeness scale.

FoxType mad as hell

FoxType stop trying to make fetch happen

FoxType say hello to my little friend

FoxType elephant in my pajamas

images via FoxType

via Ryan Lackey