Drummer Plays as Circle of Flame Around Him Responds to Every Single Beat

Drummer Tyler Williams of the rock/country group Beau Hodges Band plays as fifteen FirePixels and one AfterBurner, types of pyrotechnic rigs from company LiveSpark, fueled by propane respond to the various movements and collisions of his drumsticks. This is accomplished by attaching each drum to a MIDI trigger that can tell where and how hard it was hit. This is then interpreted by a LiveSpark Controller before being displayed in the appropriate way by the correct pyrotechnic flame.

Each FirePixel is capable of 256 different flame heights providing a 1″ – 40″ flame height that can be varied in real-time as rapidly as 6ms. The AfterBurner extends the range of the FirePixel to create a flame anywhere from 1″ – 120″ (10 feet) tall with 512 height options to create a flame of any intermediate size, varied in real-time.

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips