Designer Kevin Champeny Shares How He Made the Candelier, His Amazing Gummy Bear Chandeliers

Designer Kevin Champeny was recently asked to reveal how he created the Candelier, his series of hand-cast acrylic gummy bear chandeliers. The person asking said, “I saw your Candelier thingy online and liked it a lot. I wish I could could buy one but it but seems to expensive. Could you tell me how to make one, I figured I could just make one myself.” Kevin responded in a brutally honest way, “Oh, sure, that’s easy. I know they can bit a pricey, sorry about that. Here is all you will need to complete one of those ‘Candelier thingies'” and proceeded to share the impressive list of materials and skills required to create one in a blog post titled “I guess I could have just said No.” He has also shared a time-lapse video of him making one of the Candeliers (which took over 156 hours total). They are available to purchase at Jellio.


image and video via Kevin Champeny

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips