Cyclecide Bike Rodeo New Year’s Eve Show at Ace Auto Junkyard

Rike Rodeo Fire Barrel

Our friends at Cyclecide Bike Rodeo are having a big New Year’s Eve Show at the Ace Auto junkyard in San Francisco, with bikes, bands and beer. Here’s more info:

WHAT: Cyclecide Bike Rodeo’s FREE New Year’s Eve party!

WHERE: the Drunkyard (Ace Auto), 2255 McKinnon near Bayshore, SFCA

WHEN: 8pm – 2 or 3am. (First band goes on at 8:30 sharp.)

WHO: Five freakin’ bands playing, your broke-ass friends and family, and all yr favorite drunk Bike Rodeo klowns. No rides, just bands and good cheer.

WHY: Because everybody knows New Year’s Eve is always an overpriced, disappointing bore. Unless you’re surrounded by bike parts and fire barrels in the ghetto, drinking Pabst and cheap cocktails with all your favorite dirtbags.

HOW MUCH: Free, duh! But please buy drinks, because we need to pay rent on the clubhouse and recoup expenses from our last tour. Donations from teetotalers welcome also. $2 beers; $3 cocktails.

AND DON’T FORGET: Dress warmly and wear comfortable shoes. You will be climbing around outside like an idiot while all the other rubes in town put on loafers and high-heeled stilts to jam themselves into techno-infested hellholes of insanity. There will be heat and fire sources, trust us.

Featuring (in order of first to last):

DJ Big Daddy

The Thripps

Tiger Honeypot

Trainwreck Riders

Whores of War

Hammer Horror Classics

Why pay exorbitant door charges on the last night of the year just to watch amateur drunks at expensive clubs … when you can save enough money to afford to join the professional drunks at Ace Junkyard!

Non-valet bike parking provided by yourself inside the junkyard. Bring a lock. Taxi company HQ across the street, but we can’t promise anything there.

With prices like this, you can’t afford NOT to party with Cyclecide on New Year’s Eve!

photo by Scott Beale
Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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