Classic Wrecks, Scale Models of Vehicles Made Into Rusty Junkers

1955 Chevy Bel-Air

Classic auto enthusiast John Findra creates really cool scale models of vintage vehicles but with a twist, he makes them to look like rusty old junkers. Each one is purposely damaged in one or more ways: there’s rust, holes, smashed windows, scratched paint, missing headlights and the like. Etsy recently featured him on their site and made a short documentary film about him and the inspiration behind his work. They say “much of his business comes from customers seeking replicas of their favorite old cars.” His models are available to purchase at his Etsy shop, Classic Wrecks.

Automobiles have been an influence in my life, as long as I can remember. Toy cars, car ads and finally real cars have been part of my story. I can tell you every family car we ever had by make and color. They have shaped my life from my first job delivering for a drugstore in a VW…. to the Jeep that drove us to delivery our daughter. Its the ups and downs of life that creates our memories and for me there always seems to be a car in the background. I have been making car models since I was a kid and was always striving for perfection. But now I realize its the wear and tear and the imperfections that makes them and life special and I try to capture that in my junker models.

Bat Mobile

1976 Gremlin

Pontiac GTO

images via Classic Wrecks

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Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff