Canon Announces New 40D DSLR Camera

Canon 40D

Canon has just announced their new 10.1 megapixel 40 DSLR Camera, which falls between the 30D and 5D, sharing some of the new features in the recently released 1D Mark III.

New features on the 40D include the ability to shoot 6.5 frames per second, a 3” LCD with a live view option, an option to shoot in sRAW (smaller file size than standard RAW), an integrated cleaning system and improved autofocus, exposure control and durability.

Those who are considering a 5D, may want to take a close look at the 40D. The question is it worth giving up full frame sensor and a couple of megapixels? For me, the improved autofocus, live LCD and cleaning system are pretty enticing. The 40D will be available in September, priced at around $1300 (vs. $2500 for the 5D).

For more info, check out DP Review’s preview of the new 40D. I’m really looking forward to seeing people’s reviews of this camera.

Today Canon also announced their new 1Ds Mark III (full frame vs. 1.3 crop on the 1D Mark III), which is now their most high-end camera (retail price $8000).

UPDATE: Ted Leung has a great write-up on all of the recently announced Canon products.