Cafflano Klassic, A Portable All-in-One Coffee Maker Tucked Inside a Travel Mug

Cafflano Klassic grinder
photo via Cafflano on Facebook

The Cafflano Klassic by Cafflano is an all-in-one portable coffee maker that includes a drip kettle, grinder, dripper, filter, and cup all tucked into one travel mug-sized package. Its small size makes it very portable for travel or camping, and the only things a user needs to add are coffee beans and hot water.

The Cafflano Klassic is available for sale at The Fowndry.

Cafflano Klassic parts
image via Cafflano on Kickstarter

Cafflano Klassic
photo via The Fowndry

Cafflano Klassic with coffee
photo via Cafflano on Facebook

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