BME World Tour Contest: A Day In The Life Of Ed

If your passion was, say, body modification, and you could win a chance to go around the world as an intern for the world’s foremost body mod website… You might resemble our guestblogger Ed Hunsinger. Okay, maybe only Ed looks like Ed. But when BME (Body Modification Ezine) announced their BME World Tour Internship Contest, our Ed entered with hopes to win faster than anyone around here could say “septum piercing.” To everyone’s delight, Ed made it into the #9 spot and was given an “extra credit assignment” to create a ‘day in the life’ video about himself. We knew Ed’s video would be cool and fun, but what we didn’t expect was that it would be its own documentary about Bay Area life within the large-scale, underground machine arts culture — including a first-person tour of life at industrial art space NIMBY and a full demonstration of Interpretive Arson‘s astounding interactive project 2pir. And it’s full of fire. We like fire.

Ed’s post features his entry video, photos from a remarkable day, and the call to vote for him includes,

When I got word that I was in the top ten finalists, my heart skipped another beat. Closer and closer to a trip around the world. I could feel my passport tugging on my sleeve, “can we go!? can we go!? please please please!”, but I calmly explained to my anthropomorphized government document that the decision was not up to me. I still had one more assignment to prove I was worthy of such a trip: a blog entry, video, and photos of a day in my life. Luckily the next day had potential to be interesting enough to share with the Internet.

Laughing Squid guest blogger Burstein makes a cameo in Ed’s video.